Zero Hour, Irregular and Part Time & Workers

Holiday for irregular hours staff and part year staff is set to change significantly from April.
What to do:
1. You need to confirm that your zero hours employees fall within the definition of irregular hours or part year workers.
Irregular hours workers – workers whose paid hours set out in their contract vary in each pay period e.g. a zero hours contract.
Part-year workers – are those who are contractually only required to work for part of the year and for the remainder neither work nor receive pay.
2. Confirm when their holiday year runs from and to. The changes being brought in on 1 April 2024 will apply to all holiday years starting on or after that date. So, if you have a holiday year that runs from April to March, the changes will apply immediately.

The Changes:
• Part year and irregular hours workers will accrue holiday based on 12.07% of the hours worked in the pay period; and
• Choose one of two methods to pay holiday pay to irregular hours and part year workers will be available:
• Either the holiday is booked as normal and paid when it’s taken; or
• Pay is uplifted by at least 12.07% each pay period but must be shown separately on the payslip.



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