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This is an area that can easily be overlooked but can have serious consequences for you and your company. It is mundane and unexciting and is really all about making sure that the company administration is done properly and on time.

Get this wrong, submit the Annual Confirmation Statement or accounts late, and there will be penalties and Companies House could strike your company off the register. If that happens you cease to have access to the company bank account and all the company’s assets including any bank balances become bona vacantia and belong to the state, not you! And all because you did not file your annual return on time.

The last thing you need as a busy business owner is to use up valuable time and resources making sure you are complying with the Companies Act.

Important actions needing professional help to save you money and get it right:

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 In today’s complicated and strictly regulated financial services market, providing independent financial advice requires specialist knowledge. The advice that we can offer in this area is limited and so we rely on our relationship with local financial advisers to ensure that you receive independent advice on any investments being considered as part of your retirement or estate planning strategy.

The Long Partnership is not authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 but we are able in certain circumstances to offer a limited range of investment services to clients because we are members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. We can provide these investment services if they are an incidental part of the professional services we have been engaged to provide.



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