Fee Protection

Fee Protection

For many years, the risks of an in depth tax enquiry by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have continued to increase. HMRC now uses new, wider powers to visit premises and inspect financial records and will be carrying out 50,000 such inspections on businesses every year. Tax enquiries are becoming more frequent and complex and the costs of defence are rising. So it is as important as it has ever been for clients to have protection against those costs.

That is why we have a practice wide fee protection policy to cover the professional fees of tax enquiries and inspections.

We have considerable expertise in defending clients under enquiry by HMRC. If you are selected for a tax enquiry or an HMRC visit, we will aim to settle matters quickly and minimise the final tax liabilities. Even so, answering all of HMRC’s questions takes time and the enquiry could drag on for many months. Without fee protection, it could cost thousands of pounds to defend you, whatever the end result. With The Long Partnership, you have peace of mind knowing that any such costs will be covered by our QDOS Fee Protection Service.

Another benefit of the Service is that clients have access to helpful advice about the complex areas of Health & Safety and Employment Law. For many clients, this is a valuable resource. Please contact us if you need details of the helpline number.

Peace of mind comes from having good records and fee protection insurance.



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