Growing Businesses

Growing businesses

Let me ask you a question. Are you a growing business or are you growing businesses? Either way, we can help.

You may just have one business that is starting to develop. The business may have matured out of infancy to a more adolescent stage in its development. You may have been working on a more mature business to create something more dynamic and ready to find a new more significant place in the world. Either way, you will be facing similar challenges, which we understand very well.

If you are growing businesses, then you already have a significant wealth of experience, but so do we, and we might be able to fill in some gaps for you or provide a different perspective to help you along your way. Growing businesses is much like gardening. You plan, you plant seeds or acquire your plants. You create the right environment for growth with the right resources, environment and nutrition. 

Wherever you are, remember that every day is a school day and we all have much to learn in this ever changing world, no matter what level of past experience we may possess.

What you need to consider

So, what do you need to consider when growing up?
1. Taking on an employee for the first time or expanding your workforce.
2. Do you need finance for working capital or buying equipment?
3. Do you need more space?
4. Do you undertake your own research and development?
5. Do you have an agenda for growth?
6. Do you plan to grow organically or by acquisition, or a bit of both?
7. Growth is good!


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