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We set up your system

This stuff is not glamorous or exciting but has to be done.

Vat returns have to be submitted on time and online, RTI payroll submissions have to be made online and you need books to give you information to run your business and to enable the preparation of annual accounts and returns for your bank, HMRC and others.
If you don’t do these properly, it will impact severely on your ability to continue in business. In the last resort HMRC could stop you dead in your tracks. Make sure you keep all your accounts, vat and payroll records up to date and file all returns on time, otherwise it could cost you your business.

We can provide QuickBooks Online Plus for just £10 + vat per month

Alternatively, we can do everything for you

We can complete all or some of your records for you, thereby facilitating the preparation of returns and accounts to be submitted to HMRC or Companies House.  We can set these up on software that you can access online at any time.


Value added tax is one of the most complex and onerous tax regimes imposed on business and this leads to many inadvertent errors.

There is a constant stream of detailed changes to the regulations. On top of these are the seemingly endless demands of HMRC as they try to enact and administer these complex regulations. Things to consider about VAT:


Payrolls can be simple or complex depending on the profile of your staff and the pattern of their working. If you have a large payroll with a lot of seasonal staff, the payroll can be complex and time consuming. We do a number of payrolls like this. But we also do payrolls for one man companies and everything in between.
RTI and Auto enrolment have added another layer of complexity to virtually everyone’s payroll and no doubt there will be more changes to come over the next few years.

If you are happy that you can keep up to date with the ever changing area of tax administration, that is fine. If not then perhaps you want to talk to us about taking over the onerous responsibility for your PAYE.

Other Tax Returns and Submissions

There are a number of other submissions required by HMRC such as Machine Gaming Duty (MGD) and the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). Our clients rely on us to make these submissions for them. These are more specialised but just like other returns to HMRC, need to be made in time and correctly to avoid penalties.



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