End of year tax planning – Savings and Dividends

Married couples and civil partners should consider whether each has sufficient savings income to use their £500 or £1,000 personal savings allowances, and sufficient dividends to use their £2,000 dividend allowances.

If you are able to control the amount of dividend income you receive, such as shareholding directors of private companies, consider paying yourself up to £2,000 in dividends in tax year 2021/22 and £2,000 in 2022/23.

Also if you are in this position and the company owes you money, consider paying interest on that loan so that the interest is covered by the personal savings allowance.

Can you use the 0% starting rate band for savings income of £5,000 which is available on top of the dividend allowance and personal savings allowance. It reduces £1 for £1 by all non-savings income over the personal allowance, so people are not able to take advantage of this starting rate band where earnings and/or pension income exceeds £17,500.



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