Do you have Zoom wrinkles?

I had not even realised that this was even a phenomenon. And it’s got nothing to do with the fact that a few more wrinkles on me would not really be noticed.

As I understand it, Zoom wrinkles are those lines on your face that come from constantly presenting a happy smiley face whenever you are on Zoom or Teams or whichever platform you are using. We now all spend a lot more time smiling at our computers. Does that mean that one of the consequences of being on Zoom so much over the last year is that we have all been smiling more, or at least until the camera goes off.

Maybe you had not noticed until now. So, what can you do about these Zoom Wrinkles? You really have three choices. First you can accept that “every path has puddles” and the wrinkles are just a small downside of your new happy smiley online presence. Second, you could go back to the old ways, when restrictions permit, and rely on face to face contacts (remember all that travelling) and using a telephone again. Lastly you could try some skin care products.

Now, I am not one for any sort of ointments or potions, but I know that there are plenty of you out there that like this sort of stuff. I do however “partake” of aloe vera drinking gel every morning but that is about it. I get mine from Angie “making you healthier and wealthier” Mackenzie who runs a network promoting the benefits of Aloe Vera products from a company called Forever, for use both internally and externally, I have no doubt that she would have something to help with those Zoom Wrinkles.

Angie has had an interesting journey to establishing her part time business working from home. Over 14 years ago she started working under the umbrella of Forever Living Products, the Aloe Vera Company. As she says herself, she was looking for a replacement income to enable her to retire early from her full-time job in further and higher education. You maybe know the feeling.

She had always had an interest in all things health and well-being and after trying Forever’s aloe vera based products and seeing great results on herself (she was her own guinea pig) she began to share information about their products with family, friends and work colleagues.

She took the plunge and retired early from “the day job” of almost 30 years in 2012 and has never looked back. She now runs her successful Forever business part-time working from home.

You could say that she helps people stay healthy through recommending and retailing the wide range of aloe vera based health and wellness products.

But in addition, she also shares Forever’s business opportunities by showing people a different way of working which is flexible and fits in with existing day-to-day family and work commitments. This way of working involves personal contacts and building customer relationships and good old fashioned referral marketing. We all do this to some extent but I think Angie has it nailed.

If you would like information about Forever’s product range (for your Zoom wrinkles) or income earning opportunities, then just get in touch with Angie. Check out  her website or you can email her –

She will either solve your Zoom Wrinkles or show you how to earn some money or both.

It’s always interesting to explore how different people build their business and how they mould them around their own personal goals. Everyone is different, so if you want to talk about the business opportunities in your life, you know where to find us.

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