It was my birthday yesterday – unexpected gift

It was my birthday yesterday. Don’t ask, lost count!

My daughter sent me a parcel and one of the things inside was a pen holder. It is a silicone figure in the form of a dead body and the pen inserts through the heart. Anyway, that is not the point of this story, although it was the spark that prompted it.

On the packet were two definitions:

Frustration – a state of insecurity and dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfilled needs.

… do you feel a sense of frustration at the moment? I do!

Relief – to free from pain, anxiety, or distress.

On reading these definitions I decided two things:

1. I was feeling a sense of frustration.

2. I needed to take action to deal with it. I craved relief.

So, at that moment, the decision was made. From next Monday I am going to work, and it will not be in my slippers. From Monday I will be back in my office and I have set a date when I will be back on the road. It’s not essential of course, I can continue to work effectively from home in my slippers. But it is needed.

Before lockdown we had things to do and places to go and it is important, probably more important than ever, that we get back in the saddle and get things moving.

On Monday I will definitely be back in a suit, just not sure if I am ready for the tie just yet. That decision can wait till Monday.

I just hope the suit still fits … the biscuit box and the meals at home through the week have taken their toll.

Of course, come Monday morning, it may be very hard, but it is needed, so I just have to get on with it.

You too?

On Monday you can continue to phone 07770 738770 but you can just as easily phone the office number.


PS Feeling better already!



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