When I have an occasional spare moment, I browse through LinkedIn. You see so many facets of life on that platform. It’s probably the same with others but I don’t have time to read them all.

I am also very fortunate that I have tenuous connections on LinkedIn with contacts in Kenya. I may not be able to properly pronounce their names, but I find the people who post on LinkedIn from Kenya to be really inspiring. Such a contrast to many of the home-grown posts.

This morning there were the usual “Happy New Years” and some real optimistic posts. But then you get what I was once told were the BMWs – bitchers, moaners and whiners. So there were the usual ones having a go at one political figure or another. Then there are the ones ranting about the ones airing their politics on LinkedIn. Then there are the ones trying to sell me and basically just pitching to me cold. This morning there was a long post berating people and organisations for trying to sell through posts or messaging on LinkedIn before building any sort of relationship.

Having absorbed as much as I felt able of all this, I stumbled across a wonderful post from Peter Njonlo, CEO and Co-founder of Twiga Foods. Now, this means nothing to me and as I said, I probably cannot pronounce his name properly. Anyway, there was a photo of him holding a 63kg Yellowfin Tuna that he had just caught. It was a glorious photo with the sun shining and the beautiful colours of the sea behind. The story that he told was one of injury in a cycling accident which he thought would put pay to any more fishing, but on this day he caught this tuna, and with the help of his son, reeled it on board.

The comments ranged from congratulations and well done following the accident, which seemed to all be African names, to the occasional one putting him down for catching an endangered species, which looked like a GB name.

It all reminded me of a book I read a few years ago by a Mark LLoydbottom, aimed principally at accountants, so not an enthralling read for anyone else. In this, he spoke about having the right attitude in business. He said that you should not walk away from negative people. You should run!

There is plenty of negativity around us all the time. If you want a daily dose of depression, you just need to watch breakfast television or listen to the morning radio programmes.

So when I saw the photo and read the story posted by Peter Njonlo, it was just so refreshing. Now, I have no doubt that like anyone who has been successful in business he will have his detractors and there will be those envious of his success, but you always get that. But, taken at its simplest, this was a story of happiness fulfilment and gratitude. I don’t suppose he fills every day with that positivity, but like the rest of us, when the road is tough, it is so good to get those moments of escape from the rigors of everyday life.

I think the other thing that occurred to me was that Peter’s story and the posts from connections in East Africa made me want to read more and to find out more about him and his business. I don’t get that reaction to the posts I see from all the BMWs.

So, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to approach 2022 with an attitude of positivity and if you have not got anything good and positive to say, say nothing.

Here is a quote I came across a few days ago: “Sit at the tables where they’re talking about ideas and opportunities, not shit about other people”. You know who I mean.

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