Black Friday, Cyber Monday…

There are plenty of good deals to be had on the internet at this time of year. Some are time sensitive rushing you into action.

Fraudsters know that, at this time of year, many more people are likely to be in a buying frenzy and so take advantage.

So, however good the deal, be on your guard when shopping online. That deal that looks too good to be true, may not be.

Be particularly wary if the deal came in an email. If you are not sure, don’t click any links in the email. Go to the website on your browser.

Likewise, if you think you have received an email from HMRC, either offering you a tax refund or threatening you with penalties, go directly to HMRC either through your HMRC tax account or just telephone them. Don’t get caught out this Xmas or you could be buying toys for a fraudster’s children.



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