The Digital Penny Drops

I watch a lot of presentations. There is such a range of “stuff” that we need to either know or be aware of and this is the quickest and most efficient way to keep on top of it all. Anyway, as anyone will tell you, I cannot read. I know that because that it what I tell them. Some of this “stuff” is the same “stuff” that everyone in business these days needs to know. After all, we are running a business just like the rest of you.

I also learned a couple of new words today. Telecommuting – have you come across it before? It is what you do when you have a Zoom or Teams meeting. You are not commuting in a physical sense but electronically travelling to the same (digital) location as the others in the meeting.  What about A Get-go? Apparently, this is the moment when you start or get going on a project, you are at the Get-go. Yet more “stuff” we are expected to know.

Anyway, this morning I watched a presentation about digital marketing. Now, I see and hear all this “stuff” and usually it goes in one ear and out the other. Heard it all before!

This morning, things were different. John Sooy said:

It’s no longer a question of whether or not people search online for what you do.  It is a question of are they finding you or your competitor?

I think the penny dropped at that moment.  I think it was at that moment that all the technospeak started to make sense. It was when he suggested that all these people out there looking for an accountant, were finding someone else and not us. That pricked at the competitive side of my nature.

It also said to me that if we do not get our act together, all those people who we could be helping will be going to someone else who obviously will not do such a good job, and the clients will end up paying too much tax, just because we were digitally challenged.

At that moment I did a mental stock take.  What are we doing and what is our digital impact.

Well, we have a new website courtesy of Abbie McCahill and her team at Adder Business, and we have also engaged Richard Carson at Planit Scotland to get us up the online rankings. You will find their contact details below. Part of Abbie’s team at Adder Business also look after our social media and all I do is the fun part and prepare all the content. They make sure it gets to where it needs to go, smoothly and efficiently.

So, I think we are doing well enough digitally speaking. I think the importance of my penny dropping moment is that I now have a far better understanding of the “why?” That is, the importance of spreading our message about what we do and how we can help.

You should all pay the tax that you are due according to the law, but not a penny more and we need to spread that message far and wide so that we can make this happen for as many people as possible. Abbie and Richard will have important roles to play as we pursue our mission. You maybe already have your own Abbie and your own Richard.

If you want to telecommute with me just let me know and we can set up a Zoom meeting. Your cloud or mine?

Alan Long

The Long Partnership

07770 738770

Abbie McCahill

01463 263603

Richard  Carson

01463 389160



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